Dr Maria Montessori believed that children needed a place of their own, one of their own size, for little children, in order to aid in healthy development and growth. Henceforth, Casa dei Bambini (the children’s house) was established.

CASA (Italian) stands for HOUSE


The concrete Montessori Mathematical materials allow these sensorial explorers to begin their mathematical journey from the concrete to the abstract through manipulation, experimentation, and invention.


Providing child-directed, hands-on learning to cultivate our students’ curiosity and determination by using the scientific method of experiments. The experiential learning can lead our student to higher level of thinking and increasing problems solving skill by themselves.


The Sensorial Montessori materials use the child’s senses (through touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste) to clarify and comprehend the world. The Sensorial materials are specifically designed to teach multi-sensually and to educate the senses.


The Montessori 3-6 classrooms emphasize Montessori phonics and linguistic expression in precise vocabulary for all the activities. Student is encouraged to converse with peers and staff.

The concrete materials, from the sandpaper letters to the beginning of sentence analysis, allow the child to take small, logical, sequential steps to independent, fluent reading. Language work leads into cultural subjects, extending the child’s vocabulary.

Arts & the Humanities

Developing appreciation of nature, performing arts, music and play are so vital to how children experience the world.

石門 playgroup
石門 playgroup